Askeran Fortress

Date of construction: 18th century

Location: Outskirts of Askeran city, in the lower part of Karkar river

Description / Archaeological and Artistic Information:

The fortress is located in the outskirts of Askeran city, in the lower part of the Karkar River.

Historical and comparative analysis of sources and field studies show that the fortress was built in the second half of the 18th century, during the khanate period. It consists of two divisions-complexes. left – northwest – right – southeast. The construction of the left side was carried out in the 1750s; it is more than 140 m in length and 8-9 m in height. The fortress includes fortifications and has more than eight towers. The right side was built in 1788-89. The main fortress complex of this section stretches for about 220 m. It consists of towers, connecting fences, and other defensive structures. The height of the towers is 5-8 m. A pair of fences designed for inconspicuous movements of military units draw attention here. The Askeran fortress has not lost its ancient role and significance today.

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