Berdashen History Museum

Date of construction:

Location: Berdashen

Berdashen History Museum was founded in 1987. The founder of the museum is Haykush Azaryan, an honored history teacher of the village.

The first exhibits of the museum were obtained as a result of excavations in the area called Aghjababerd or Kusaberd in Berdashen (work tools, clay jars, bronze-copper swords, silver and obsidian ornaments, etc.).

Initially, the museum exhibits were displayed in the area of the village school, then moved to the large interior of a large monument in the form of a girl built in a place called “Jinhaz”.

Many exhibits were destroyed during the years of the Artsakh movement.

There are currently 625 exhibits in the museum.

The area of the museum is 324.5 m2. Consists of 4 halls.

– Temporary exhibition hall

– Archeology hall

– Ethnography hall

– Hall of Arts and daily life



  1. Pitcher (early Bronze Age). With striped, wavy patterns. It was excavated in Aghjkaberd in 1987 by Haykush Azaryan.
  2. Olive lamp. It is a vessel filled with oil, in which the fuse was lit to give light. It was used both at home and in churches.
  3. Kettle (iron). Used to heat water or make tea. It was excavated in Aghjkaberd by Haykush Azaryan.





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